Using our computers

Guest Pass and Account Limit Changes from 1 April 2019

Logging on
To log on to any available computer you need to know your library card number and your PIN (Personal Identification Number). You are advised to bring your library card with you each time you use the library and to keep your PIN safe.

How to get your PIN

Each time you log on you will be asked to agree to our Acceptable Use Policy. Please make sure that you read and understand it before you use our computers. A printed copy is available at the enquiry desk.

We use an automated computer booking system which is setup to allow users up to a maximum of 60 minutes access a day. Time cannot be banked and carried over to other days.

If there is availability on the day your session length may be extended at the discretion of library staff.

Logging off
You will receive an on screen warning 10 minutes and 2 minutes before the end of your session. Make sure to save all work as the computer will automatically log off in readiness for the next session.

We do not provide data storage and all our computers are set to delete local user files and web history automatically on log-out to protect your privacy and data security. This means you will need to save your work to your own portable data storage device.

If you want to finish your session early click the ‘end session’ button. Please do not restart or close down the computer as this will not log you off and you will lose any remaining time.

Please note: all computers are set to shut down 5 minutes before the library is due to close.

Booking a computer
You can book a computer to ensure that it is available when you need it. A library computer may be booked up to 7 days in advance.
If you are in a library, ask staff to reserve a session for you or ring your local library to book from home (you will need the barcode number from your library card).

Please cancel if you are not able to attend your booking to release the computer for another user. Reserved computers will become available automatically after 8 minutes if the booking is not attended and your time allowance will be used for the day.

What’s available
A range of popular software packages are loaded on each computer including Microsoft Office 2010 and Photoshop Elements.

All computers have internet access through Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers.

Printing (black and white and colour) is charged at a standard rate per side. Charges are on display in all libraries and are available on our library charges web page.

All libraries have scanning facilities.

‘Access’ computers with height adjustable desks for wheelchair users are available to book at Bloxwich and Darlaston libraries.

Quick access computers are available at Walsall Central Library, Aldridge District Library, Bloxwich District Library, Brownhills District Library, Darlaston District Library and Willenhall District Library. You do not have to be a library member to use these.

Please note:
We do not provide headphones but you are welcome to bring your own.
Web filtering software is used to block a range of websites that are not appropriate for a public library environment but we cannot guarantee that all will be excluded.

Free Wifi

All of our libraries provide free wifi access.
You do not need to be a library member to use it.
This is a filtered service.

As the library wireless network is unsecured, we recommend that you do not transfer confidential information using it, such as financial details or passwords and that your equipment has adequate security and anti-virus protection installed.