The Timetable for Mobile 1 – ‘A Branch Library on Wheels’



Street Time from Time to
Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Bentley 9.50am 10.15am
Church Street, Clayhanger 10.45am 11.10am
Howdles Lane, Brownhills 11.35am 12noon
Spring Lane, Shelfield 12.15pm 12.40pm
Gillity Village, Liskeard Road Shops 2.30pm 3.05pm
Glyn Avenue, Moxley 3.30pm 3.55pm
Southbourne Avenue/Durham Road, Alumwell 4.40pm 5pm
Alumwell Road/Bassett Street Junction 5.10pm 5.40pm
Pargeter Street, Birchills 5.50pm 6.40pm




Street Time from Time to
Hunts Lane, Short Heath 9.40am 10am
Pool Hayes Lane, Pool Hayes 10.10am 10.35am
Farbrook Way, Hayes Estate 10.40am 11am
Bescot Street, Palfrey 11.35am 12.05pm
Dale Street, Palfrey 12.10pm 12.40pm
Daffodil Road, Orchard Hills 2.25pm 2.55pm
Bentley Drive, Birchills 3.10pm 3.50pm
Queen Street, Moxley 4.30pm 5pm
Noose Crescent, Willenhall 5.30pm 5.55pm
Furzebank Way, Short Heath 6.10pm 6.40pm





Street Time from Time to
Margam Crescent, Mossley 9.40am 9.55am
Ashley Road, Dudley Fields 10am 10.25am
Providence Lane, Leamore 10.55am 11.10am
Druids Avenue, Aldridge 11.30am 11.50pm
Kingshayes Road, Aldridge 11.55pm 12.15pm
Croft Street 2.10pm 2.45pm
Dartmouth Avenue, Coalpool 2.50pm 3.10pm
Coalpool Lane, Coalpool 3.15pm 3.50pm
Victor Street, Caldmore 4.35pm 5.30pm
Little London, Caldmore 5.35pm 5.55pm
Gillity Village, Liskeard Road Shops 6.10pm 6.30pm




Street Time from Time to
Farmhouse Way, Short Heath 9.30am 9.50am
Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Bentley 10.05am 10.45am
Wilkes Avenue/King Charles School, Bentley 10.50am 11.15am
Durham Avenue, Willenhall 11.50am 12.05pm
Fibbersley Park School, Willenhall 12.15pm 12.35pm
Princes Avenue, Chuckery 2.15pm 2.30pm
Gillity Avenue, Park Hall 2.35pm 3pm
Boundary Road, Streetly 3.15pm 3.30pm
Brookfield Road, Leighswood 3.45pm 4.05pm
Shannon Drive, Brownhills West 4.40pm 5.15pm
Fishley Lane/Stoney Lane, Little Bloxwich 5.35pm 6pm
Mallory Crescent, Little Bloxwich 6.10pm 6.40pm




Street Time from Time to
Southbourne Road, Alumwell 9.30am 9.50am
Holford Avenue, Bescot 10.05am 10.20am
Four Crosses, Shelfield 11.20am 11.50am
Spring Lane, Shelfield 11.55am 12.25pm


Please remember that although we do our best to keep to the times listed above, there may be occasions due to bad weather, vehicle maintenance or traffic problems, when we are unable to keep to the schedule.