Currency converters

Holiday guides and reviews

  • Rough Guides gives you online destination information
  • Tripadviser will give you reviews of hotels and destinations
  • World Travel Guide is great for information on hotels, beach resorts, car hire and trip plans


  • Bing Maps allows you to search for restaurants and aerial views
  • Mappy allows you to search for maps with hotel locations across Europe
  • Streetmap allows you to search for streets by postcode, street or place

Places to visit

  • Raring2go! is the guide of what to do and where to go for parents, carers and children

Tourist information centres

  • Discover Northern Ireland holds information on accommodation, events and destinations
  • VisitBritain is the official British tourist board website giving access to destinations and maps
  • Visit England is the official website for English tourism where there are ideas for exploring and enjoying England
  • Visit Scotland is Scotland’s National Tourism Organisation covering accommodation and things to do
  • Visit Wales looks at holidays, breaks and weekend ideas

Transport links

Travel advice and guidance


  • Met Office allows you to search for a UK weather forecast by destination

There is also a range of online databases available to you through our online resources page, which can help you with your enquiries. If you want to access some of these from home then you will need a current library card. Please pop in to your local library and ask staff for details or email us at