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Recommended books for young readers.

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My Name is Mina David Almond

This is the prequel to David Almond’s famous book “Skellig”. Mina is different to the other children at school and leaves to be home educated. In her isolation, she writes this journal talking of school, her life, and her love of words. She also talks about a boy called Michael and his family who move in down the road.

Small Change for Stuart Lissa Evans

Stuart Horten is a very small 10 year old who has to move to a new town away from his friends. His next-door neighbours are triplets who he finds unbearable but this is the start of a magical, mysterious adventure to find his great uncle’s hidden, magicians workshop. As he follows the clues and solves the puzzles he finds he needs some help to avoid real danger.

Which do you prefer vampires or mermaids, dogs or rabbits? Try this selection of books to help you decide.

Vampire Blog Pete Johnson

Matt finds out on his 13th birthday that he is half-vampire & however he feels about it the changeover means he has to has to get used to fangs, bad breath & being awake all night amongst other things.

Emily Windsnap booksLiz Kessler

In this series, Emily discovers that she is a mermaid, she finds her long lost merman father and reunites him with her land-bound mother, wakes the Kraken – legendary monster from the deep and finds a ring belonging to Neptune. An enchanting fantasy adventure series set in a vivid underwater world.

One Dog and His Boy Eva Ibbotson

Hal has always wanted a dog. His parents refuse until they discover that they can hire one for the weekend. Fleck arrives on Hal’s birthday, but when Hal discovers that his dog must be returned, he runs away. Joined by other escaping dogs from the rental shop they set off to find a place to be together. If you like 101 Dalmatians, you’ll love One Dog and His Boy.

The Great Rabbit RescueKatie Davies

Joe goes to live with his dad, leaving behind his pet rabbit. Anna, Tom and Suzanne try to look after it for him, but when the rabbit becomes ill, they’re convinced it’s because it’s missing Joe. Then Joe gets sick too. Can they be saved?  A fun animal story for young readers with hilarious illustrations.

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