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Book title:  Fern the Green Fairy

Author:  Daisy Meadows
A review by Jasmine Bullen age 8

This story is about a fairy who has been stuck in a tree after the evil goblins took over the fairy palace. Meanwhile Rachel & Kirsty are running and playing in the park and want to have a look around the maze so off they went and on the way they heard screaming! What was it? “help help oh help me please” screamed the voice, suddenly there was a bang coming from the tree. That was when the two girls realised it was their friend Fern but when Fern finally escaped from the tree they heard the goblins coming so Fern used her magic to turn the girls into fairies so they could fly away and go home and that’s what happened.

My favourite character was Kirsty because she saved Fern from the tree but she would not have been able to do it if she did not have the help from Rachel.

Recommended to girls about age 5-13, because it is a girly story.

Book title:  Abandon

Author:  Meg Cabot
A review by Charlotte Lee age 13

This book is about a girl called Pierce who had an accident and died. During this time she saw a different world and met different people including a handsome boy called John. Since she came back to life John seems to be following her, but every time she ses him she finds herself in a dangerous situation. John plans to take her back to the underworld the place she dreads the most! But why does he want to take her there so badly?

This book is aimed at teenagers. I found it very good and would recommend it.

Book title:  Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head

Author:  Kjartan Poskitt
A review by Elise Dunn

The story is about a girl called Agatha, Ivy, Ellie, Martha and Bianca. They all live on Odd Street.. Agatha and Ivy went to Martha’s house and had pizza and they put on any topping that they wanted. But Martha slopped the whole jar of octopus paste all over her pizza, then Martha’s mum cooked the pizzas and they ate them all up. And If everyone was good and at school they could go and see the mummies exhibition. Then Martha was poorly so they made a pretend Martha and the next day they went to the mummies.

Ellie and Ivy were my favourite characters because Iivy is mad and so am I and Ellie because I don’t know really I just like her and I like Agatha because she is the main character and Martha because I don’t know and Bianca because she muddles up her words like I sometimes do.

I would change that they didn’t see mummies but they saw wildlife like butterflys and lady bird and spiders yuk I hate spiders they are horrid.

I would recommend this book to six and over because it us funny and weird but I think they might not get it.

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