Bookstart bear club


What is the Bookstart Bear Club?

The Bookstart Bear Club is open to all children from birth until they start school

It is easy to become a member, simply join the library and then register to start your Bookstart Bear Club reading journey!

If your child is already a member of the library, ask the staff about joining the club

Children are rewarded each time they share a story at our library sessions, take books home or bring books back.  They receive a paw print stamp in a special passport, six stamps equals a certificate.   There are 10 certificates to collect, the last one being a golden one!  Children also receive their very own mini bookstart bear upon completion

How Bear Club benefits you

  • Helps you to enjoy sharing books with your child from as early an age as possible
  • Sharing stories, books and rhymes will give your child the best possible start and help them become a reader and writer for life
  • Singing rhymes and taking about the pictures in books will help your child learn to talk, and find out about their world