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Polly Ho-Yen
Books mentioned in Polly Ho-Yen’s podcast

In the very first DrivenByWords podcast, Walsall’s Mobile Library drives Young Adult author Polly Ho-Yen around, before returning to base to record an interview with her. Find out why Polly came to Walsall, how important libraries are to her, and whether or not she’s any good at spelling.

Hosted by Gemma Todd and Lyn Lovern


Kit de Waal
Books mentioned in Kit de Waal’s Podcast

In this podcast we speak to My Name is Leon author, Kit de Waal.  Find out about Kit’s love of libraries, her favourite books, and a little bit about her next book and why it’s currently untitled. Oh, and say hello to Fact Frog, making his first appearance in a DBW podcast.

Hosted by Gemma Todd and Tom Bissell


John Connolly
Books mentioned in John Connolly’s Podcast

In this episode of DrivenByWords we were lucky enough to interview best selling author John Connolly. John was in Walsall to do an event for the 10th anniversary re-issue of his novel, The Book of Lost Things, and we managed to talk him into sitting down and swapping stories with us. Not only was it a fantastic event, it was a pretty special podcast too.

Hosted by Tom Bissell and Gemma Todd


Deborah Install
Books mentioned in Deborah Install’s Podcast

For this episode of DrivenByWords we spoke to ‘A Robot in the Garden’ author Deborah Install. Alas, the Mobile Library itself was having its yearly service, so this was more of a case of NotDrivenByWords. Deb was kind enough to come to the Mobile Library Unit for the interview, where we learned about her favourite books, her experiences as a published author, and about her latest folly!

Hosted by Tom Bissell and Bali Janda


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