Using Computers in the Library

Before you start

You must be a member of the library and have permission from your parent or carer to use the computers.

To begin you will need both:

  • your library card number (it may be X0010, for example)
  • your PIN number (remember to keep this secret)

Then you will be able to use a computer for up to one hour to surf the net, use CD-ROMS, Word or other software.

Only one person should use a computer at one time unless you need help.

User contract

Before you use a Walsall Libraries computer you must agree to the user contract.
The user contract appears on the screen when you first log on.
You must click the I agree button before you can use the computer.
Please read the user contract before you agree to it.

read the user contract

Please remember that other people are using the library – try not to be too noisy when you are using the computers


Logging on

To start using the computer you must log on.

Enter your Library ID and PIN in the boxes provided and press Log In.

When you have logged on to the computer and agreed to the User Contract you will see the Application Launcher Page.


Click on the icons on this page to launch programs including Internet Explorer.

You can check the time remaining at any time by looking at the box on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Messages will tell you when you have 10 minutes and 2 minutes left.

To finish your session please click the End Session button at the top of the screen.


Using the internet

Finding information

Find information on the Internet or find interesting things to do by using the links on the Internet home page.

recommended websites


To print web pages or documents click the print icon or print in the file menu and follow the instructions in the windows which appear.  You must give each document a name as part of the process.


Click OK on the first box.

iCAM print window

In the second box choose a colour or black and white print:

  • Black and White printing 10p per sheet
  • Colour printing 50p per sheet.

Children are allowed up to 5 black and white or 1 colour print free of charge for homework.

Change the number of copies if you want more than one.

Give your document a name.

You can preview the document if you wish by clicking the Preview button.

Click OK when you are happy with the selections.

Ask for your printing at the library counter.

  • You can preview the print job on the computer screen
  • Your print job will be released by library staff at the counter once you have paid the correct amount.
  • You can then collect your sheets from library staff.

Ending your session

Log off your computer by clicking End Session button.  Do not shut down or restart the computer.

Booking a session

Please ask one of the library staff to book your next session on the computer.

Ask one of the library staff if you need more help.