Books on prescription

Books on prescription (BOP) is a scheme where GPs and other health professionals may ‘prescribe’ self help books for their patients on a range of mental health issues. The books have been assessed and recommended by mental health professionals. The prescriptions may be taken to one of the six libraries in Walsall participating in the scheme.

Which libraries stock the books?

Where can I find out more about Books on prescription?

The links below will take you to an information sheet about the scheme and also to a list of the books.

Books on prescription in Walsall (PDF 110KB)

Books on prescription core booklist (PDF 314KB)

Books on prescription long term health conditions booklist

Can anyone else read the books without a prescription?

Yes, all the books are freely available for anyone to read. They will be in the “Healthy minds” collection in the library. Staff will be pleased to show you where they are. Walsall Libraries stock many more books on all kinds of health related matters. You can see what is available by visiting your local library or by looking at the online catalogue


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