Music and film

Compact discs

cds Music CDs are available for loan at Walsall Central LibraryDarlaston LibraryBloxwich LibraryAldridge Library. and the Mobile Library. The libraries stock a range of music including rock and pop, compilations, classical music, jazz and blues, country and folk, soundtracks, Asian and World music.  See what’s available by checking out our online catalogue.


 Hire charges
Borrowers 13 - 17 years35p per item
Borrowers 18+ years70p per item
Borrowers 60+ years35p per item
Leisure Card Holders35p per item
Registered BlindFree
You can borrow CDs for 28 Days.


Music and Films DVDs  are available at Walsall Central LibraryDarlaston Library, and Willenhall Library. You will find the latest feature films as well as children’s films, classics, comedies, thrillers, adventures, horror, war, sci-fi, drama, Bollywood and world cinema.  We also stock some information DVDs.


Hire charges vary from £1 to £2.50 per item, depending on the category of film.

Loan periods Charges
2 night loanFor the latest feature films£2.50
7 day loanFor older films£1.50
7 day loanFor children's films£1.00
28 day loanFor documentaries£1.50

Suggestion Scheme for CDs and DVDs

There is a suggestion service for CDs and DVDs which are not in stock. Please ask at your local library or fill in our online stock suggestion form.

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